The GROW Magic spreads around the country with the help of our awesome team: the Local Project Managers, the Ambassadors and the International Trainers. Let’s meet some of them!  

Razvan, GROW Ambassador in Focsani 

The beginning 

Initially I found out about GROW in May 2017, at school, when one of my classmates told me about it. To be completely honest, it came at a very difficult time to me. That time I was feeling really insecure and I tended to seek for external validation from my group of people. Somehow, after many days fighting with my mind and with the encouragement gained from one of my closest friends, I won the game. I opened my computer, filled in the form, and finally, with my heart beating as fast as I could ever imagine, I pressed “send”. Of course, it was only the beginning. 

The ambassador opportunity 

After a wonderful time in my summer sessions, I decided that I must go for the winter edition too. Eventually, I decided that if the chance to become an ambassador will get available, I should have gone in for that. But I didn’t really seek this as an ultimate goal, since I could have participated to the sessions as a regular participant too with the same excitement. I remember one night scrolling on my Facebook feed (procrastination IS good sometimes) and I remember that at some point I ran across this ad that said the local team was looking for new ambassadors. Somehow confident in my personal forces, I opened the form link, and carefully read everything till end. After some meditation, and with my soul opened, I filled it up, and here I am now! 

What I love about GROW 

To be completely honest with you, I wouldn’t recognise myself now if I hadn’t filled the form up at the right time. One lesson I learned and for which I stand by now is that you should never miss that opportunity! Even if it may come back at some point (they usually don’t though), just think about how much time you’ll lose till then! The moment is now, make it count! Besides that, my team is extremely awesome, I enjoy sharing thoughts, ideas, fun moments with them. As stated before, I wouldn’t have known what would I be now if it wasn’t for them, since we all have grown together. I also enjoy taking part of the group because of team-working, and I know this will help me so much in the future as a well ‘brought-up’ citizen. 

Biggest challenge and how I planed to take it down 

As an introvert initially, my biggest struggle at the time I found out I was a GROW ambassador was to speak clearly to the others, and to become comfortable in social contexts. Paradoxically, my work in the team was chosen to be on the communication department alongside one other girl. Of course I didn’t want to fight with my mind and my introversion, since those wouldn’t have got me to the point I wanted to be. Instead, with a lot of willingness and patience, I started to practice getting comfortable with being uncomfortable in new contexts or situations. Day to day, I felt much more powerful in my team duties, as I was able to do more and more new things I never imagined I was able to. I started to cooperate with my teammates more efficiently to the point where I felt completely safe and comfortable around them. That was the moment I knew I can reach everything if I was ready to take it step by step. At this very moment, my challenge is to keep evolving as a person, since that is the aim of GROW too. 

The impact

Actually, I find very interesting how people influence one another in new social contexts. It is important to live among people that remind you you’re special and at the same time develop your being. Fortunately, this is the opportunity GROW offered me since I became an ambassador. The most amazing part is that I got the chance to meet this extremely talented people at what they do, even if it’s about team-management, communication, project-promotion, graphic-design and so on. As so, one of the most valuable things to me is sharing concepts and therefore growing each other. It is rather hard to explain and go in depth at how the impact happened, but I promise it couldn’t have been bad with all those nice clever teammates which I’m very grateful to have.

To sum up…

For me, GROW is discovery, work and evolution.