The GROW Magic spreads around the country with the help of our awesome team: the Local Project Managers, the Ambassadors and the International Trainers. Let’s meet some of them!

Ionela, GROW Ambassador in Toplita

My first contact with GROW was last year when Toplita had the first edition. I found out about it from the ambassadors of that time who convinced me to participate at this project.

I became a GROW ambassador because the LPM advised me to complete a test from where he choose the team and I was selected to be part of this group. I was excited to have this opportunity because I’ve wanted to step up by doing something new and also helpful for me and for others.

What I love the most in GROW and I can say this from the bottom of my heart is to be in touch with people. From the participants up to the trainer, it’s a pleasure for me to meet them and have the lucky chance to share opinions and stories. It keeps me smiling and always gives me a good energy.

My biggest challenge was to talk in front of the people and see their reactions. When someone is not interested or is always against your words it’s a bit hard to be confident. But I overcomed my fear by focusing on the ones who were interested about what I was saying.

The team made me feel more comfortable with who I am. I had some moments when I wanted to give up, but my team was always there for me to cheer me up. Now, I am confident because I know that I have a purpose and there are a few people who loves exactly as I am.

To sum up my whole GROW experience in 3 words… Wise, Friendly, Increased.