Why participating in GROW? What is so special in this program? Here are some thoughts from the former participants, now enthusiastic Ambassadors of the project, who are proud to promote GROW by sharing their own experiences!

The GROW Amabassadors are students who have graduated at least 2 editions of the project or/and have entered in the GROW support team.


LigiaWhen I think about GROW, the first words that come into my mind are “lasting friendships” and “cooperation”. This spring was one of the best for me, especially because I was a part of GROW Tg.-Mures. If you want to contribute to your own development, GROW must be on your list! During those sessions (if I can call them that way, because we had a lot of fun during them) I was able somehow to discover myself. I know it sounds a bit cliche, but it was a big step on my own development. I met new people that had lots of original ideas, people that are willing to actually make a change in this world, that are willing to constantly improve themselves just to generate progress in the society. GROW helped me build higher dreams and I advise you to choose it, because you will never regret it!


AndreeaGROW is an once-in-a-lifetime experience, one that helps you grow as a person, both socially and mentally.

The project helped me see the world in another way, to understand how different people can be. It helped me see how beautiful and colourful the world can be, it helped me travel through the entire world by the means of my imagination. I had the chance to meet some GROWzavi people, full of energy and ideals that can change the world to the better, with whom I actually ended up being good friends.


OviI have been involved so far in 4 editions of GROW in Tirgu-Mures, and I have to say that this is a project very close to my heart.

Firstly, this is the project that changed my view on what a teenager should do during his 4 years of highschool. I realised that apart from learning ang getting good grades, I had to get involved in a great variety of projects, events and organisations so I will be able to help the people around me and to get a much more practical aducation that the one you receive in school. Secondly, GROW was my so called ”entry-gate” in the highschool life. I made so many new friends in my first edition of GROW, and a big part of those friendships proved to be long-lasting friendships. This way I bacame more sociable and open to meeting new people wherever I find myself. Last, but not least, here I met the first internationals with whom I really connected, and they were Yagmur and Darma, a girl from Turkey and a guy from Indonesia. They really shaped my character during the time I spent around them, being part of the reason I am the person I am today.

GROW is the best thing that could’ve happened to me during my highschool years!


GROW is the best project I’ve ever participated in! I have been in two editions in 10th grade, spring and summer, and it was a great experience for me! I met awesome people, I made a lot of friends and I learned amazing things from the wonderful internationals. We played so many fun games and we had lots of cool activities that helped me grow as a person.

For example, Globatic was an incredible event that helped everyone to work better in a team, to cooperate and socialize with new people. It was great that I found out a lot of new things about other cultures and also about myself and my values. I believe that everyone should have this extraordinary experience, so apply now!!


GenniHello, my name is Genni and I decided to join GROW because everyone was talking about it and I wanted to see what it had in store for me. The first time we had a treasure hunt and it was such an amazing experience because it was a fun thing to do, running around and looking for things!

The sessions were amazing because I had the occasion to learn new things and meet new people. I loved the trainers so much, they were really friendly! I also made the best memories with the most amazing people! I recommend everybody to join GROW because it’s fun and spontaneous!


Besides new friendships and an amazing experience, GROW represented for me self development and lot of fun. GROW helped me to be more confident about myself. Made me more sociable and more communicative. Only at this project I had the possibility both to learn and to apply all I learnt. GROW came with a marvelous event, Globatic, which helped me learn a lot about the world I live in. On the other hand, GROW made me more open minded since I had to work with people of different nationalities, different culture and different perceptions about life.