Why participating in GROW? What is so special in this program? Here are some thoughts from the former participants, now enthusiastic Ambassadors of the project, who are proud to promote GROW by sharing their own experiences!

The GROW Amabassadors are students who have graduated at least 2 editions of the project or/and have entered in the GROW support team.


Catinca MaraBuciuleacI’m Catinca, eleventh grader, two-times GROW participant and now ambassador of this project. It has meant and continues to mean a great deal to me – it enabled, for instance, a quiet, introverted person like me to have no problem with public speaking. I’ve grown more confident, learned to set my priorities and, most of all, came into contact with amazing people from all around the world!

I hope GROW will continue to inspire Romanian teenagers for generations to come, as it helps them truly discover themselves and the world they live in a setting so different and much more interesting than an average classroom. What makes it so amazing is definitely the people involved – everyone is open-minded and fun, as well as helpful in assuring the successful orientation of participants. GROW is definitely a framework for a lasting change in Romanian society through ensuring that the future generations will be tolerant, creative and proactive.


Alexandra Mihaela ArhipHello! My name is Alexandra and I’m a Proud GROW Ambassador! I’m a future 12th grader and I think that having applied for GROW was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Even though I was a bit shy at first, this experience changed me in a way or another. I took part in the last two GROW editions, the one during Spring 2014 and the one during Summer 2014, where I had the chance to be a “GROW Ambassador” for the first time.

As a GROW participant I want to have the opportunity to discover some other values I may have, to put in practice some of the things I learnt in the last editions and to meet lots of new people, because loving people and being around them is what makes me happy. I don’t want to have expectations because I like to be surprised and the fact that I know the coordinators assures me that this GROW edition is going to be more than *GROWzava*!


Claudiu Gabriel CabaHi! I’m the GROWzav ambassador Claudiu and I’m a 12th grader at „Miron Costin” High School in Iasi. Most of the time I’m an optimist, an open-minded person who always wants to embrace every new opportunity and make new friends. This is the reason why I applied for the Summer GROW 2014 project, which was rated as the best one in Romania. I can say even from my own experience that it was great, because 2014 was the best year (yet) for me, mostly because of GROW. I met awesome people there and after the project we went to the Black Sea where we had a lot of fun. And that was just the beginning, believe me, because there I met other awesome people unrelated to GROW (speaking of new opportunities that can show up at any time).


Daniel-Mihai GorganHello, my name is Dani, I’m student at Computer Science High-School „Grigore Moisil” Iasi, 11th grade. I participated at GROW Spring 2013, when I was a 10th grader and my trainer was Rodolfo Sandoval (an awesome man). The experience obtained determined me to join GROW Summer (as an ambassador/ OC support). As a GROW participant, I’ve met a lot of GROWzavi people. I have also improved my communication skills in English or at least it made me think about my speech, and all of these with interactive activites. Also, if you are late you’ll get a punishment. At the first hearing you’ll think is something bad, but I have to say that some were late because they wanted to be punished 😀 (I also got one and I really enjoyed it, because it’s something funny). GROW was an amazing opportunity!


Ana Antoniu Hut¦ªupas¦ªMy 10th grade is almost over and I feel proud after two editions of GROW to now be an ambassador and feel this project’s benefits from inside, thinking how school is gonna end, but my education will step up so much with this experience. I just tried to make it last from the first days, because participating in GROW means relaxing your mind while you’re making friends from the moment you open both your mouth and your eyes. I found myself a new way of being true to who I am, by discovering what I like and what is going to help me truly for the next years of my life.