The GROW Magic has started spreading around the country, with the help of our awesome team: the Local Project Managers, the Ambassadors and the International Trainers. Let’s meet some of them!

Beatrice, GROW Ambassador in Focsani

All of this colorful madness started last year at AMC fest, when a volunteer asked for my email  in order to be up to date with other projects made by Scoala de Valori. And my positive answer led to my first meet with GROW.

Some weeks later a friend of mine sent me an application form for ambassadors made exceptionally by our-soon-to-be-back-then LPM  and that was the beginning of my adventure with GROW.

I actually love the fact that I have to work in a team. The other ambassadors are totally wonderful and we managed to pull off conveniently the issues and headaches we had to encounter. Also my affection for the team comes along with the close relationship between the trainers and the participants. Simply we are an enormous fluffy and crazy family.

I love challenges so overcoming them is a fun process for me, especially in GROW. For example, when I was at the start of this “life of ambassador”, GROW wasn’t known in Focsani because it was the first edition back then. It might sound silly, but it took me a while to understand how to make the others to understand better the concept of this project and to not be afraid to tell my opinion and ideas. Luckily, my shyness came to an end when I saw myself surrounded by fascinating buddies.

One of my biggest aspiration in life is to hear stories from people. To hear their stories and to see their vision of life. GROW is a great project to me because it helped to discover stories of  GROWzav people and made me learn from each person exclusively. This journey played a sizable role in finding myself, understanding my own strength and visualizing other aspects of the liveliness around me.

I can’t explain in 3 words such a soul experience but I will give a try in my own way. GLITTER, VITALITY, LIGHTHEARTEDNESS.