The GROW Magic spreads around the country, with the help of our awesome team: the Local Project Managers, the Ambassadors and the International Trainers. Let’s meet some of them! 

Alexandra, GROW Ambassador in Toplita 

A close friend of mine chose me as an ambassador and that’s how my GROW adventure started. I loved to communicate and promote this project so I got really attached of the other ambassadors and the international trainer. 

GROW attracted me thanks to the idea of meeting foreign people and communicating in English with them. The LPM asked me to be one of the ambassadors and I eagerly accepted. 

I love that I get to know a lot of people, a diversity of characters and that I can help the community. The participants make me realize how communicating is the key to success. 

The only challenge that I faced was convincing the teens to be part of this project and not rejecting the idea of speaking English. They were scared of change and of trying new things. 

They taught me to be more open-minded and to share my ideas better in order to impact other peoples lives and to help them be better and to grow with them. 

GROW in 3 words: evolving, change, courage.