We are preparing the GROW Winter edition, so it’s time to meet some of the local coordinators, the ones who make magic happen! Today we present you Robi.

My name is Robert Endres, but everybody calls me “Robi”, I was born and raised in Arad and I’m currently living in Timisoara. I’m an energetic, sociable and very active person, and in everything that I do, I bring these three elements together with me.

My passions are volunteering, sports and music. I’ve been volunteering for 3 years now and I love what I’m doing because it involves lots of people, and it requires hard work and passion. I started playing basketball about 10 years ago in Arad, and even though I don’t  do it regularly nowadays, I still like to go out in the summer with my friends and have some fun and shoot some hoops. I started involving music, actually DJ-ing, in my life about 3 or 4 years ago and what I love so much about it is that it gives you freedom to create anything that comes through your mind.

Robert EndresI first heard about GROW in 2012, when I was in the 10th grade from a sports teammate of mine who participated in the winter edition of the project. I thought it was really cool, and when a couple of guys came in my classroom to present the project, I have signed up immediately. I can say that it was one of the best summer I have ever had because I made lots of new friends, learnt new things and it gave me the opportunity to develop myself.

I joined AIESEC in the autumn of 2012 while I was in the 11th grade, and the next spring I decided to apply for a team member position on the GROW Summer 2013 project. The whole experience was a roller-coaster, with ups and downs, tight turns and bends, but in the end we managed to do an amazing project. When I moved to university to Timisoara one year ago, I signed up for another position for the GROW project, and it was an extraordinary experience as well. This autumn when I was presented the opportunity to coordinate this project I took it and a few months later, here we are 🙂

When I applied for the OCP position I wanted to take the project and have the biggest and most impactful edition that Timisoara ever had. Somewhere along the way I realized that it was more important to offer people some great experiences, so that is what motivates me now, together with the dream I have started with.

My message for the GROW participants – students and trainers:

For me, GROW was more than a project, it was a great learning experience, and this project offered me the opportunity to develop myself in terms of personal and professional. Along the way I made lots of friends and together we have gathered tons of cool memories. So, I want you to congratulate you for taking part in the project that will influence you in so many ways! I am looking forward to be meeting all of you at the nice events we are preparing for you and at the sessions!