Luxin Li and Rinah are the next two GROW trainers we meet. They both train in Craiova and they are determined to learn and have fun together with the Romanian teenagers.

Coming from China, Luxin is happy to meet new friends and expects her students to be communicative and actively involved during the workshops: 

One of the reasons I chose Romania is that it is in Europe and it is a safe country. But the most important reason is that GROW is a national project, so I can really learn something from it. I want to have an impact and I want to do something meaningful instead of wasting my time.

I am 20 years old, I am young and energetic and I need to do something special to create an impact over my  wonderful youthfulness. A plus, was also the fact that in China, we lack the English speaking environment in order to  improve my English. You know, the best way to improve a foreign language is to practice it as more as possible. Actually, my major is human resource management, then I want to try whether I can be a good trainer or not. This is, thus, why I took 15 hours to came to Romania to be part of GROW.

This is the first time I go abroad on my own. There is no Chinese here. I cannot speak Chinese so that it is a good chance to improve my English. What’s more, I need to be independent and to socialize. It will be a problem for me, but I think I can handle it. My job is to deliver sessions to the students so I need  to get well prepared and I really want to make it perfect.I need to work hard, because I don’t want to make my students feel disappointed.

I am proud that I am doing something different and meaningful. I am proud that I had the courage to go abroad on my own and change my life through experience different culture and challenge myself. I am also proud that I will have many chances to make friends with Romanian teenagers and with other internationals.

I hope that Romanian teenagers can be more active. In China, they seldom have chance to have classes with or talk to foreigners. Their English is not good enough to talk with foreigners so they always keep silent and just look at their teacher with big eyes. I hope in Romania things will be different. I will try my best to interact with them. At the same time, I hope they can join all the games or exercises during the sessions actively and energetically. After the sessions, I hope I can be a friend with them instead of a teacher.

Rinah, from Uganda, has an adventurous soul and loves travelling, so for her GROW is an opportunity to discover other cultures, but also to meet new people: 

I have more reasons for coming to Romania as a trainer in the GROW project. First, I like making positive differences in people’s lives. Wherever I go or whoever I meet; I believe I find one positive life changing idea, advice…. name it from me, so this was a good opportunity to try and impact the lives of so many of tomorrow’s leaders.

Second of all, I love volunteering and this was an opportune volunteer activity for me.

Third of all, I love travelling and Romania is on my ‘bucket list’; so as an AIESECER I used this opportunity to come when I still can and also do something meaningful while at it.

By taking part to this project I will improve my people skills, broaden my travel and cultural knowledge plus get me in touch with so many awesome people.

Besides being proud of my country, culture and food, I’m proud because of the adventurer in me, the ever willingness in me to learn and adapt.

I would not really compare the Romanian teenagers to the ones in my country because several things between them are different. But I expect the Romanian teenagers to become more involved in the happenings around them, be cautious of where their life is headed and, most importantly, be the force that will make a change to things that the world only cares to complain about yet never try to do something to make them better.