Today we meet Geraldine and Carla, who shared with us their impressions on the GROW adventure. They wish to experience various lifestyles, so they believe this learning journey will also allow them to discover the beauty of cultural diversity.

Geraldine, from Argentina, is a trainer in Râmnicu Vâlcea and told us she sees GROW as an opportunity to learn new things about teenagers education and “export” the knowledge to her country:

My aim in studying political science was to maintain myself curious and that’s the reason why I came to Romania to be part of the GROW program. The idea of delivering sessions to teenagers from another country is a great opportunity to be in touch with the living reality of that country. On the other side, I was looking for an educational project with focus on developing new skills for young people in order to gain experience to bring to my own country.

This experience will allow myself to improve my teaching skills as well as to be part of a big team that has a common goal. Also, I think it is a good opportunity to improve my English, to open myself to new cultures and to learn to communicate with people different from myself.

I am proud of my country and the people who are part of it, of their kindness and openness to new cultures. Argentina was one of the countries which received the biggest number of immigrants, which makes it an open door to new and different cultures.

I think that Romanian teenagers are more curious about people around the world, compared with teenagers in my country. In addition, I think they are more involved in after-school activities than the teenagers in Argentina, who usually only do sports after school.

The teenagers’ guide in Curtea de Argeș is Carla, from Mexico. She was positively impressed by the sociability of Romanian high school students and their willingness to learn and develop:

First, I was a little afraid of teaching to high school students, because in Mexico it is really hard to deal with teenagers, usually they are laughing at you or doing things to make you mad. But when I came here I realized that Romanian teenagers are really sociable and outgoing and they are willing to do something. Most of them have a proactive attitude and now I feel happy because I know that I will share my knowledge with them without problems and for sure I will learn a lot of things from them as well.

I came to Romania to get involved in GROW and teach to high school teenagers because I wanted to experience another culture. I’ve worked with teenagers before and it was amazing, so I thought I could share my knowledge with Romanian teenagers.

I think every experience leaves certain knowledge, I believe this one will help me to know myself better and define my professional goals.

For me, “Mexico” means “passion”, passion for doing things, passion for laughing, for food, music, passion for life. I’m proud to be here and I know it’s because I was raised by a Mexican family and for sure I’m proud of being Mexican because it means that right now I love what I’m doing.