Let’s meet another member of the GROW team!

Clarabelle Tanurahardja comes from Indonesia and now she trains the teenagers in Craiova. We loved the notes she took at the 5TC workshops, so we thought to share some of them with you 🙂 Clarabelle also told us about her dreams and expectations after this experience:

“I wanted to do a project that has a direct impact. AIESEC is an indirect impact organization, but the project has a direct one. When I saw GROW, I was super interested because it has a clear way to make an impact in order to improve the Romanian Education system. Therefore, I set my ship to Romania and came here to teach to Romanian highschool teenagers.

This experience is changing me in many different ways. Before this, I’ve never traveled alone this far; now I got the chance to do it and make something good out of this journey. This social internship has opened my eyes on how big the world is and it teached me not to be afraid of what might come ahead, and just simply embrace it. You’ll never know where the journey will lead you! So I think GROW has given me a once in a lifetime experience, cool international friends, the opportunity to become more confident and brave and has taught me to give back to the world, do something to make the world a better place to live in.

I’m proud that of my country, Indonesia, is full of diversity and open-minded persons. My favorite thing is the warm people that you’ll find almost everywhere, all smiley. Indonesia also has an awesome culture with many dances, songs, exceptional traditional spicy food and attractive tourist destination. Indonesia has been known as the thousand island country.

I have a passion for drawings and doodling. Before joining the GROW program, I had left my interest and for some moments I didn’t draw, but when I’ve started the project, the conference, I’ve started to draw again because I want to be able to express this unforgettable journey into my drawings, so I’m proud that I find my way back into my passion.

I want to keep being open to the international world, I’m really glad that they are really excited to meet us and not afraid to approach us. In my country the teenagers are still often shy to foreigners and afraid to talk to them, but in here, Romanian teenagers already show a lot of interests. I hope they can keep  being open minded and not give up on their dreams.”