• What are your 5 main things that you were left with after the experience of being one of the iTrainers of GROW Games 2k18?

I would say that these five things would be: hope, enthusiasm, friends, magic, and growth.

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you think you developed yourself and why? (You can make a post on social media noting the GROW experience)

I would say around 7 and a half. Because I could always do more to develop. The whole experience itself is a really good catalyst for developing as a trainer. Having to deal with the different types of teenagers, especially the very shy ones were a challenge that helped me realize many things about myself.

  • How would you describe the romanian teenagers, regarding your expectations?

They are awesome, a bit shy and very fun. To be honest, I didn’t expect some of them to be that shy. I think they just don’t know what they’re worth or what they can do. Because they are really amazing and they can do more than me when I was their age. I think more focus on self confidence and self esteem would go a long way in their development for future GROW editions.

  • What will be your favourite memory from this edition? Show us in a photo you made and describe it.

When we made the biggest snail hug. It was awesome. We all held hands and started rolling around to create a huge snail that would end up in a group hug.

  • Describe your whole experience of being an iTrainer at GROW Games 2k18.

It was really amazing. This is my second time already and I want to come back for more. Working with teenagers and seeing how we can help them develop makes me see hope for the world still. In the meantime, I have developed myself tons. Overall, it’s an unforgettable experience that I will definitely repeat if possible. Issa perfect memory.