I don’t wanna go back home”, “I cannot believe this is coming to an end” these were the words seen on everybody’s lips today in the camp. Here we are, after 4 days of camp, the day before the last one here in Șăulia, the day before we say goodbye to trainers, friends and amazing times spend together and go home with pockets full of memories and ideas for the future.

And what a day today! Sports have been played for waking up, laughter was unstoppable at the Day Opening session, pictures have been taken for thanking the onest hat made everything possible, movies have been directed and realized, lakes were sailed by boat and climbing walls were challenged.

grow summer camp sport

grow summer camp boat

The outcome? More than 100 young souls full of energy and ready to drive their own future and take action and initiative. Supportive groups and meaningful reflections made looking ahead to the future bee amazingly exciting.

This was today in a nutshell, the Camp is almost over an so is my transmission from Șăulia.

Better go now, we have a Day Closing Plenary and a ‘Surprise’ waiting!

grow camp