Chaia, Magno, Matheus and Matias had a great time as iTrainers in Pitesti during the GROW Games 2k18. The happy team shares some nice memories about this summer edition and their experience with the teenagers.


For me, being a trainer was incredibly rewarding. The participants brought to every session a willingness to participate and try new things. The teenagers that I met, worked with and became friends with throughout the program all have such open-minded and welcoming attitudes towards new and different ideas.

In my opinion, if you have the opportunity to participate in GROW, it is an experience not worth missing. I witnessed many teenagers becoming friends with people they normally wouldn’t. It introduces people to different ways of seeing things, and new ways of learning, and the things they learn can brought to every day life. Not just exams!


For me, GROW was the best experience of my life. In Romania I saw a lot of beautiful things, but the thing that I liked the most was delivering the sessions and being a trainer. The feeling that I had when I looked at their faces was happiness, because they looked at me waiting for me to say something, teach something and I felt important for someone, and this feeling doesn’t have a price for me.


In GROW I had the opportunity to work with the best team I could ever ask for, not just the other trainers, but the ambassadors and the participants. It’s incredible to have the opportunity to be an important part of the life of other people.

Being a trainer is an amazing experience if you wish to make a difference in the life of people and also it’s a good opportunity to discover new cultures and places.


GROW offered me the possibility to train teenagers, but on the way my own personal development was invaded with incredible learning opportunities. During the training everyone wins! I learned with them more than what I came to give, the open mind and good disposition of the participants created a unforgettable experience of growth, development and fun. I feel very grateful for my time spent in GROW and the people I met.