“This GROW Games experience was simply life changing to me. Everything I had to do, all the hard moments we had to go through, made me stronger and helped me grow. I never knew this would help me so much, but looking back at myself one year ago I can tell that the whole experience as an ambassador was a success. To sum up, the best thing that being a GROW ambassador thought me is that it’s not about how hard you get hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

Alexandru Ursu 

“For me, the experience I gained by being an ambassador opened my eyes in many ways. I knew about GROW and I even knew some people involved in the program because before being one of those who organize the program I was a participant for some editions. Working with the team, being there and supporting people by doing what I like to do – helping – built in time a new me I can’t even recognize now. Thanks to Otilia, who took me on the team among other ambassadors, I made a lot of new friends, I’ve learned that help is always needed and most of all I’ve learned that being loyal and committed to what you do will always make the difference between people.”

Calin Szanto

“Why do I love GROW? It’s just a simple question which in my opinion has more than one answer, depending on your experience as a GROWer. I think that the participants love it because it made them improve their English speaking skills, make new friends, build up new abilities, fight with their weaknesses, overcome their fears. 

In my opinion, the most significant thing that GROW does is to give you the opportunity to discover yourself, and I believe this is why I love it. My experience as an ambassador was at the beginning like a roller coaster, with scary downsides and delightful upsides. The part which I enjoyed the most was the hole trip, which made me change not only the way of seeing the world around me, but also myself. Thanks GROW for getting me closer to the best version of myself!”

Diana Platica