There are things that money can’t buy, but on the way to your dreams you’ll probably have to deal with the financial part. Therefore, it is important to know how to wisely use your pocket money and, later, your salary, so that you can have the lifestyle you want.

Thinking of future desires and objective methods to achieve them, Kai and Marium, two of our international trainers, met on a sunny Monday morning with a cheerful group of GROWzavi teenagers in the 12th grade, from various high schools in Bucharest. They attended a course on how to use their financial resources to fulfill their dreams, by organizing the personal budget in a smart way.

The session “My dream in my budget” from the GROW program took place at the offices of our partner Cetelem, with whom we developed this financial education course for youth. The Cetelem team welcomed us and served us with delicious mint candies, so we’ve sweetened our day since morning.

Everyone was punctual and the session began at 10 o’clock with a funny energizer which chased away all traces of sleep from the teenagers’ faces. After this brief moment of “warming”, the participants, guided by Kai and Marium, learnt how to intelligently manage their finances. They calculated their monthly budget, taking into account the expenses and then they customized it for a bigger period of time, according to their own plans. For daring desires, alternatives solutions were took into consideration. Students learnt about loans and credit cards, as well as the requirements to get a loan from a bank or a non-bank financial institution, so that their dreams receive the necessary financial support to become reality.

At noon, the discussions about wishes for the future went on, accompanied by some pizza and soda. But the surprises didn’t end there. The teens had the opportunity to talk to the Cetelem training team and to ask questions. After that, they visited the company offices, thus meeting the financial world in-house.

How did the participants live this experience? We find out from them:

Cetelem wants to get involved in programs with impact on society and that’s why we decided to invest in youth financial education through a partnership with GROW. We liked the idea of ​​this project from the beginning, and through it we intend to raise awareness among teenagers about managing their personal finances. After today’s session, the young participants have obtained a clearer picture of the possibilities of managing money and they are better informed about financial products, learning to plan their budget on medium and long term.”

Irina Stoian, HR Manager Cetelem

“We are glad we had the opportunity to talk to the GROW teenagers about managing the budget, a practical and useful subject. There are things that are not taught in school, that nobody tells you about, but that help you a lot in everyday life. While preparing this session, we also got new information on credit cards and loans. Managing finances is one of the problems most students face.

In one year, these teens will graduate from high school, some of them will probably move from their parents house, so it is important to know how to manage their money and to be aware of the aspects to consider when they will buy a house, for example. No matter what career they will choose, the notions about budget and savings will certainly be useful. It was a very good idea for today’s session to be held at the Cetelem offices, in this way teenagers were introduced to the financial world and have seen what it means to work in this field.”

Kai & Marium, GROW trainers


“It’s the second time I’m participating to the GROW project. I liked it so much that I just had to come back, especially because, as a 12th grader, it’s the last time I can participate. This session about budgeting was very interesting for me. Being in the transitioning period from teenager to adult, I believe it’s essential to know this things. Soon I’m going to be at college, I’ll probably live on my own, so it will be helpful to know how to manage my budget and prioritize my spendings.

My favorite part of the workshop was when I had to think about my dreams on long term and how I can support them in terms of finance. It’s an exercise that makes you realize that you can achieve any dream if you make a plan and if you are more organized. I want to apply the idea of the monthly expenses calendar and try to save some pocket money.”

Bella, participant

At the end of the session, the teenagers walked to Scoala de Valori’s office, ​​along with Kai and Marium, and the day continued in the same cheerful tone, with another GROWzav workshop.