This summer, with GROW for the 11th and 12th grade running along, we decided to charge ourselves with positive energy and smiles and visit the 12th grade GROW participants doing a session about „Personal Pitch”, held by Robin Stewart, trainer from the USA, alongside the charismatic Nicoleta Voicu, Accenture recruitor…And it was a decision more than inspired!

Just like we got used to, GROW brings together under the same roof awesome people, innovative ideas and captivating subjects, all in an international interactive atmosphere brought by trainers from different parts of the world and by the learning procedure Practice, Learn, Step Up– a model of active learning which accentuates team work and practibility in the subjects studied during workshops.


Before going to work, Robin invited everyone in the „Game Room” for a fun energizer together with the other groups that had the same workshops, which resulted in a room full of beautiful people singing a poem about sun, rain and flowers in different accents.

After such an energizer, each group headed towards their lesson rooms, Robin whispering „They are great! Great kids, great conversations!”. With everyone ready for action, Robin introduced Nicoleta who, although held that session for countless employees at Accenture, was anxious and a little nervous to do the same for young participants, intelligent and eager to learn.

6Nicoleta started the session about „Personal Pitch” through her own pitch, explaining then the participants that a good pitch should start by answering questions like Who am I? What do I do? What do I want to do? Why do I want this job? and advising them to imagine that they are in an elevator with the employer of their dream job and have time until the elevator reaches the ground floor to impress the respective person. Quite a challenge, right?

It continued with a few very interesting tricks about a good personal pitch, and namely the importance of the Cs: Concise, Clear, Convincing, Credible, Consistent, Conceptual, Concrete and Conversational. Everything happened in an interactive and relaxed atmosphere, so students could ask anything and express their opinions, followed by a practical exercise, in which each one of them had to present their personal pitch in 1 minute, after a 10 minute preparetion time.

At the national level, 6 Accenture volunteers from 3 cities (Bucharest, Cluj and Timisoara) delivered sessions to GROWzav teenagers, the impact being a positive one. The participants were very receptive, considered the workshop extremely useful and delivered „in a professional manner as well as open for anyone’s understanding”. The chance to meet these Accenture representatives inspired the teenagers, made them understand better what they want to do further on and made them trust their potential to achieve their dreams.

Everything went more than well, a day with GROW shaping in information and new abilities, cheerfulness, positive energy and lots of smiles.