GROW 2016 Winter Edition is ongoing, energized by passion, curiosity and “aha” moments. The international trainers and the teenagers feel now closer to each other and became a big happy family. We thought it would be nice to remember the first sessions’ emotions, so we ask the trainers to share their feeling about the first contact with the students.

Zakaria Houdjedje

“The first session was totally more than I expected! We had some acting, dancing, learning and all of that under the umbrella of fun and happiness! So I tried and still trying my best to bring up a different atmosphere than the boring one. My first session and the next ones as well were just amazing from my part and also from the participants’ part. Their feedback about the session was: “I never thought it would be like this, I had fun, I felt happy…”

Zakaria Houdjedje GROW

Andriana Tsoneva

“The very first session was rather hard because I didn’t immediately find the wave on which to communicate with them. It was challenging. There was even a point at which I felt that they might be bored or even confused in the first half an hour. So, I went to plan B and made them present the agenda for the upcoming weeks themselves – in the most creative way they can think of, working in groups. This worked out well and gave me time to find back the balance – so, we ended up having fun and I also got to observe them and make a lot of notes about their presentations, their attitude towards the project, and (!) remember their names. Later one of the participants told me that she appreciated that they got to do so much themselves.”

Alexandra Ionela

“The first session was the best experience that I had in my life so far! The kids are so amazing that are just making you feel blessed that you are with them. The fact that after the session they didn’t want to leave the class and they were hugging me and Ayumi was something that I can’t express in words. I only have this to describe it: THE MOST AWESOME EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!”

Azzahra Adnina Namira Ginting

“My first session was so great!! Well, I was a little nervous for the first group, because the students were a bit shy and I didn’t know how to communicate with them. But at the end everything turn out to be great because I changed the awkward situation to be fun. They were sooooooooo nice & fun. Can’t wait to see them for the next sessions!”

Azzahra Adnina Namira Ginting GROW

Priscila de Oliveira

“My first session was incredible. I was afraid of making a bad impression but the teens were so opened and friendly! I didn’t believe it was so easy to make them smile, they are soooo cute! Good project, people!”