This year, we are happy to have with us in our office a joyful team of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese volunteers from the “Practice, learn, step up!” project, co-founded by the Erasmus+ programme. They are involved as trainers in the GROW program, they help us in other projects and in their spare time they explore Bucharest and Romania. We asked them to present themselves, curious to discover what brought them to our country and our organization.

Meet Rocio!

“Hello, I’m Rocío, I’m 24 and I come from Madrid, Spain.

You would be asking yourself why I decided to become a GROW trainer. Well, I was at a point in my life in which I did not know what to do. I was fired from my job and I have just finished studying. So when I read about this project, I felt that this was what I needed, an experience to change my life. I liked the idea of non-formal education and working with teenagers. I had the conviction that I could learnt a lot of things and give my experience and knowledge to these fantastic people. So I jumped right in and took a flight towards Romania.

When I arrived, I had a lot of expectations for this experience. I expected to meet a lot of good and interesting people, and so I did. I wanted to develop myself both in a personal and professional way, convey my knowledge and plant a little curiosity seed in each participant.

I still remember my first day in Romania as it was yesterday. I went to have lunch out with my project mates from other countries: Portugal and Italy. I was a little bit shocked by Romanian language because I did not understand anything at all. But I felt so happy to have the opportunity to discover the Romanian culture. I felt like a tourist taking pictures of every building and corner. I put attention to every local, shop and restaurant, to every metro station. I could not wait to know more about Bucharest, so the next day I went with my mates to a free tour.

Talking about my personal goal or biggest dream, I would say that is having a job that I enjoy and being able to travel around the world. My philosophy is that if you enjoy your work, then you will never work a single day, it is only enjoyment. About travelling around the world, I’m a curious person in relation with other cultures, and I think that as humans we should know our planet.

If I had a magic wand, I would change the mindset of mankind and I would transport myself from one place to other in one second. “I want a pizza, let’s go to Italy to eat it!”

To finish, I want to share with you three little-known facts about my country, Spain:

  • We have the highest European bars average: 169 bars per habitant.
  • We invented the Chupa Chups, the table football, the submarine and the digital calculator.
  • Spain has 44 places that belong to Unesco World Heritage. We are third in the country top list.”