This year, we are happy to have with us in our office a joyful team of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese volunteers from the “Practice, learn, step up!” project, co-founded by the Erasmus+ program. They are involved as trainers in the GROW program, they help us in other projects and in their spare time they explore Bucharest and Romania. We asked them to present themselves, curious to discover what brought them to our country and our organization. 

Why an Erasmus volunteer? Because I want to help the world to be a better place, besides having a lot of desire to live an experience outside my country.

My first day in Romania…

It was shocking to arrive and see so much snow, but it was a wonderful experience.

The most pleasant day spent in Romania was the one in Constanta, at the beach, because I missed the sea and I really wanted to visit a coastal town.

Another place that impressed me was the castle of Peles, it is totally incredible, astonishing outside and inside. The walk inside the Park was also amazing.

The biggest challenges I have faced as an Erasmus volunteer in Romania was speaking English in public. I solve it by breathing deeply and convincing myself that I knew enough English.

My biggest dream is to have a job that I like and that contributes with something positive to the society, that allows me to help, besides traveling a lot.

3 little-know facts about Spain, my country

  • In Spain, it is common to greet each other with a kiss on each cheek, even if it is the first time you meet that person.
  • It is the second country in the world with more monuments declared heritage of mankind by UNESCO (44).
  • Spain has 5.789 km of coastline, with the Mediterranean Sea, Cantabrian Sea and Atlantic Ocean, Mar de Alborán.”