Marta, one of our Erasmus volunteers from Spain, shares some thoughts about her experience as a GROW trainer and about her dreams. We are happy to have you with us for the cause of education, Marta!

“I decided to be a GROW trainer to improve myself, my skills and to get rid of my fear of public and English speaking. It was a big challenge for me and I was afraid at the beginning, but at the end of the first session I felt really satisfied and happy with the participants and with the session we made all together. Becoming a GROW trainer was a good and hard decision but I can’t be more happy for my choice.

This experience was amazing for me, I learnt a lot from the participants and the sessions, and I would repeat it in the future. I really liked the connexion that we, the trainers, had with them, we had the opportunity to share opinions, differents points of view and experiences. We talked about values, personal development and critical thinking and I believe the sessions were useful for them and for me as well.

My first day in Romania was different and cool. It was all new for me, first time living alone, with 7 persons from different countries, and far away of my home, but I felt comfortable and I could adapt really fast to this new situation.

My biggest dream is to work in something related with education. Education is a right, and everyone should have it, but unfortunately it’s not like that. Therefore, my dream is to bring education in the places where it’s missing, to make sure that everyone has this right.

If I had a magic wand, I would delete the evil, negative and bad thinking in the world. We are all humans and we could have a better world just by understanding and respecting each other. We are different, but this doesn’t mean that we are better or worst that the others, just different, and this is what makes us special and unique.

3 little-known facts about Spain, my country:

  • We are very sociable
  • We like to dance and party
  • We love to eat bread with tomato and tomatoes soup”