“I decided to start European Volunteering because it seemed like a very exciting and instructive experience.

I was already a volunteer in my city in Spain and they told me about this European initiative and I decided to apply right away. Being a volunteer and also in a foreign country is a unique and unforgettable experience.

My first day in Romania was in March, I arrived just in the middle of a snowstorm that made everything a bit more difficult. Since then the country has not stopped surprising me and giving me pleasant surprises.

The best day I’ve spent in Romania was when my parents came to see me a month ago. During their visit I was able to show them some of the wonders and culture of this country that has so surprised me.

The biggest challenge I have had to face here in Romania has of course been the language. Most of the older people do not speak English, so communication has sometimes been a bit difficult, although with patience and good will we have always been able to overcome all the situations.

My biggest dream is to be able to get a job that allows me to help people in one way or another and thus be able to feel fulfilled.

Some little-know facts about my country

  • Spain is a very large country where different dialects are spoken so that people have very different accents and sometimes incomprehensible to others.
  • Another very interesting fact in Spain is, unlike what is believed abroad, that most Spanish people do not like bullfights and we do not know how to dance flamenco either. In addition, there is currently a great social debate regarding bulls and mistreatment to which they are subjected for the sole purpose of entertaining people.”