I decided to be volunteer in Erasmus, first of all, to challenge myself. I took it as a new experience that will help me grow. I took this decision also because I love traveling and meeting people from different parts of the world, talking with them about their countries and cultures. I can say that my curiosity brought me here.

Last but not least, I decided to be volunteer, and especially with kids and teenagers, because, after all my experience in the touristic animation and in the church activities, I felt the need to help the new generations to face the changes that they surely will have.

My first day in Romania was tiring after the journey, not so much actually but between plane, buses, metro etc, I felt tired. It was exciting because a new adventure was going to start and because I could meet new people and maybe have new friends, but also scary because is a new thing, new adventure, with all the questions this brings with it.

The most pleasant day spent in Romania? Actually I don’t have only one day. I felt really nice to meet all the people in the airport waiting for me. Also, it was nice to get to know the people in the office, but if I have to choose the most one, besides the ones that didn’t happened yet ahah :)) I will choose when I got to know that a friend that I met in Poland is in Bucharest and I could meet her and I felt more relieved knowing that we can spend some time together.

The challenges I’m facing here is, a bit, the language but I’m having Romanian lessons so, soon that will not be a problem anymore. The biggest challenge I’m facing right now is the feeling that I’m still out of place. My shyness and that feeling of not being welcomed. I’m still working on it but I’m sure that with the help of the people I met here and the other volunteer, I will feel like in family.

Some little-know facts about Italy:

  • We have the oldest tree in Europe: around 4000 years old. It’s called “The Chestnut of the Hundred Horses” and its history blends with the legend of a mysterious queen and a hundred knights with their steeds, which, it is said, found shelter from a storm.
  • The national anthem of Italy, “The Chant of the Italians”, also known as “Inno di Mameli” was not legally recognized till December 2017. So, since 12 October 1946 till this date, the Italians used this anthem in all the official manifestations or World cup or Olympic games, “de facto”.