Andreia from Portugal is a GROW trainer and also part of the Erasmus volunteers team that help us during this year. We asked her what was her motivation to come to Romania and here is what she answered:

“I decided to be a GROW trainer because I wanted to have an international experience and GROW came up as both a challenge and an opportunity. A challenge, because I would have to deliver workshops to teenagers – the toughest crowd ever, I believed. An opportunity, because I wanted to improve my English and work on my public speaking skills. Little did I know that this would turn out to be one of the best experiences of my life.

I am not the kind of person that sets up a lot of expectations. But, of course, I was expecting for some positive outcome. Otherwise, I wouldn’t had sign up for it. Overall, I wanted my sessions to be authentic and fun – a safe space to express your ideas and feelings without being judge.

My first day in Romania, more specifically in Bucharest, was all about spotting the differences. I got to walk around and I remember how busy I was making comparisons with Portugal at every turn.

3 little-known facts about my country:

  • Portugal is the oldest nation-State in the Europe;
  • Portugal has the oldest bookshop in the world. It is called Bertrand and it’s located in Chiado, right in the center of Lisbon;
  • We have this word “saudade” which has no translation to any language and it means a grateful memory of a person, a moment or something you are deprived of.”