Alberto, our Italian Erasmus volunteer, loves pizza and pasta (no surprise here), wants to discover the whole Spain and his favorite film is “The Truman Show”. Here is what he told us about his experience as a trainer & volunteer in Romania:

Hello guys, my name is Alberto, I’m from Italy and I’m 24 years old. I’ve decided to become a GROW trainer because I want to offer my energy and my positive thoughts to the teens. Also, I think it’s a great opportunity to meet new people.

At the beginning I was very scared, I was going in a new country, with new people, new language and I did not have any expectations. It was a great choice not to have any kind of expectations and I learned lots of things from the other people.  I am a person that tries to get the positive side from everything.

If I could have a superpower, I would like to read other’s minds.

Three little-known facts about my country:

  • My city, Turin, was the first italian capital
  • We invented the term of “bancarotta” – bankruptcy
  • Each Italian eats in average 24 kg of pasta every year”