One or two months prior the camp I was so excited even though I wasn’t even on the list, but later I made sure I was there. I wanted so bad to go because of the great memories I knew for sure I would make and also because of the people I travelled and also met there. I still keep in touch with them and they are awesome in every possible way!

It was 7th of July, THE DAY, I was more than excited and for some reason super nervous, but once we arrived in Tirgu Mures all my nervousness just washed away. From the first minutes there we were welcomed with hugs and geniune joy and they made you feel like it was meant for you too be there. And so our “journey” started.


Once we got to Saulia, it was an amazing feeling. Do you know that feeling when you first enter a room and you kinda feel anxious because you don’t know what people think about you so it’s hard for you too adjust from the start? Well, here it wasn’t the case. I felt like I belonged there, like I was still home in my room, and that’s the most valuable feeling for me. For 5 days we had great activities, and we built strong and long-lasting friendships. We learned about ourselves and discovered what we want to do in the future, about how we might have dissapointed our 8 year old self, about how to be a team, how to build successful projects, how to be a better version of ourselves.

To be honest, I would be a total hypocrite if I would say that I loved only a part of the experience. No! I loved all of it, every second, everything. I loved the participants, our trainers, who are great people, an inspiration for each and everyone of us, the OC people who took care of us and kept the party going on and made sure we were never out of water, snacks, food or never bored.

renata bondoi

The last day was the worst yet the best. I cried that day, I didn’t even knew I had so many tears in me. Everything in the camp will be missed, the little presentations, the Gossip Box, the Wish Box, everything. Actually, I am crying again as I remember the whole experience and what we did and I miss everyone so much.. I hope I will see them next year!

I’ll make sure I will be the first to register for the next year’s camp. Until then, I wish to everyone as soon as possible and hopefully we’ll see each other next summer. I love you guys so much!

Renata Bondoi, 11th grade, Cluj-Napoca, GROW Summer Camp participant

renata grow