GROW Summer Camp 2016

Between 26-31 August 2016, at Şăulia Camp from Mureş, GROW Summer Camp brought together again all the fantastic former GROW participants, along with Romanian and International trainers, to transform them into #GameChangers!

What is so special about this experience?

GROW Summer Camp 2016 gathered 5 experimented and passionate Romanian trainers from Scoala de Valori and 5 former GROW trainers from Armenia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Egypt and Greece, with whom we enjoyed the multicultural atmosphere, in GROW style. We added a little nature, some breathtaking landscapes and the warmth of summer days. The topping consisted of 103 enthusiastic GROW ambassadors and former participants from 15 cities, who went through 6 days of learning, development, change, fun and relaxation. And, may we add, constant “aha” moments.

*11 teenagers with a special financial situation received grants and participated for free in GROW Summer Camp. The free places were supported from the funds collected at Femei pe Matasari and Swimathon events, thanks to the generous donators and swimmers. Many thanks for your help!

6 days of learning and continuous discovery through

Day 1:The second edition of GROW Summer Camp started by getting to know each other, discovering new friends, their passions and of course, their favorite games.

Day 2:Guided by the trainers, the young participants embarked on the road of self-discovery and attended some workshops on self-awareness, personal values and decision-making. Then, they stepped to the next level, by connecting to the reality of our country and enjoying the presence of some #GameChangers during World Cafe.

Day 3: In the third day of GROW Summer Camp, we researched how the world is doing and how is the current reality influencing the future, OUR future. We uncovered the characteristics of a #GameChanger and envisioned GROW bigger, better, stronger.

Day 4: This day was all about practicing the skills of a real #GameChanger and flex the muscles outdoor with CUBE Training‘s “Escape the Island” game. Building actual boats and racing on the lake was a truly challenging experience. In the evening, the teams designed their own games that will be revealed and put in practice in their cities.

Day 5The teenagers practiced various change management skills, from “Thinking like a Futurist” to “Influencing & Charisma” and draw the future they envision for themselves.

Day 6: The Closing Ceremony in GROW Summer Camp was pictured as a train station. All the #GameChangers are ready now to play the game by their own rules and we cannot wait to see the results! Destination? The World!

GROW Summer Camp 2016

Have a look at the video and see how it was.

How does the camp look through the eyes of the participants?

Some of them shared their thoughts on the experience:

Ana Pogonariu, Bucharest – participant­­­­

GROW Summer Camp 2k16 or, better said, our second home.That was the place where we’ve made friends for life from all over the country, the place where we could only be ourselves.

During the camp I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned how to be a part of a team, how to search for my personal values and, the most important, how to be a#GameChanger.What I absolutely loved about the camp was the atmosphere. 6 days I felt like I was in heaven, with a big family. It didn’t matter if you were an organizer or a participant, you were part of the family. The camp was the only place where I was waking up in the morning with thought: “OMG, I can’t wait to have sessions today!!” Everything was so damn beautiful there. The trainers were GORGEOUS.  Thanks to them, in only 6 days, I’ve travelled to Brazil, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, and even in Egypt.

All I can say is that I recommend this camp to every single teenager. Thanks to this camp, I’ve decided what I want to do with my life in the future.  I’ve been to many camps, and no one is like this one. This time, I’ve made a family with 103 members, and thousands of memories.

Renata Bondoi, Cluj – participant

This summer I had the honor of being a participant at the GROW Summer Camp 2016 edition. Despite the kind of intense sessions and the way the topics managed to put my brain to work, Ihad the best and relaxing 6 days. I got to meet beautiful, energetic people, eager to learn and to evolve and I got to see some old friends that I met in the previous Camp.

I genuinely recommend you, the person reading, to join GROW and later on be part of the camp not just because you escape your parents but for the experience, the intense roller-coaster of emotions from the beginning until the end and most importantly for the people who will so kindly welcome you into their life. I created memories and, together with the participants, the OC and the trainers, we created a beautiful family.

I would like to thank everyone involved in this camp because each time I get together with a GROW and Scoala de Valori team I am genuinely happy!

Bianca Popa – organizer

It was in February, I think, when Cristina, the project manager of the camp, sent me a message on Facebook asking me if I wanted to join the organizing team. After thinking thoroughly about it and checking to see if I would have enough time as I was in the 12th grade and needed to prepare for my final exams, I accepted. Needless to say, it was the best experience of the summer. I took part in a team full of professionals who motivated me to get involved in the project. Both the other organizers, as well as the team of trainers taught me how dedication and passion for the things you do can transform an average experience into a continuous learning process. Furthermore, we all saw the purpose of #gsc2k16 very clearly – Create #GameChangersin their communities and thus continue the legacy started in the previous year.

As a conclusion, the GROW Summer Camp experience from the point of view of an organizer was a constant step out of the comfort zone, where I met a lot of crazy, beautiful, inspiring and talented people, from who I have learned a lot. But mostly I am happy that I got to see how you create a national camp with internationals as well from scratch, experience that I really hope I will get the chance to repeat!



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