These days we celebrate, because GROW is on its way to taking its ID card! The 14th edition has just started in 12 Romanian cities, full of colorful energy, curiosity and a delicious mix of cultures.

This summer, over 2000 high schoolers will taste the GROW adventure, prepared and served together with 43 young people who came from 13 countries all over the world. The “appetizer” was prepared at 5TC, the conference for the international trainers’ coaching where, during 5 days, they were introduced to the project and learnt to develop values and passions, in order to send the message further on to the GROWzav teenagers.


Therefore, between the 29th of June and the 15th of August, students in the 11th and 12th grade, participants in the project, will experience 6 intense weeks of self-development, virtually travelling through Bulgaria, Greece, Brazil, Mexic, Egypt, Maroc, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, Malaesya, Philipines, Pakistan or India – the countries of this edition’s trainers. Workshops will give the teens the chance to discover practical things, useful for their future: what vocation and competence mean, how to write a CV, what are the qualities of a leader and what hides behind the difference of sorts.

In the past years since its birth, the GROW experience was enjoyed by nearly 13.000 high schoolers from 38 cities, 466 international mentors from 62 countries and 172 project coordinators. The GROW “kitchen” has marked down 35.450 hours of non-formal education, in which there were “cooked” huge amounts of cheerfulness, personal development, new friends and career orientation. And all these thanks to the Practice, Learn, Step up recipe, a model of natural learning, in which firstly you experiment, draw conclusions and learn, then you apply the new knowledge.

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We will celebrate these whole 5 years of GROW in the middle of July, in an anniversary camp, where we will reunite with the new generation of coodinators, former participants, trainers from 2010 to 2015, as well as the most import national partners of the project. It will be a summer to remember, which we can’t wait to talk about.