Which are the values of our high-school teenagers and what reference points do they consider relevant in this stage of their life? We’ve asked the teens participating in the GROW project these questions and we´ve got some interesting answers.

Students consider that close relationships with the loved ones, family and friends, are a priority and also sociability and honesty play an important role in the hierarchy of their principles. Thus, last year’s students in 9th and 10th grades have ranked Honesty as the most important value, followed by Friendship and Respect. The list is completed by Ambition and Friendliness. The situation is a bit different from 2012, when Friendship was clearly considered a core value, with Respect topping the second, then Ambition and Family. Last year, Sincerity, Trust, Patience and Friendliness got for the first time in the top values of the GROW teenagers.

For older participants in 11th and 12th grades, Honesty and Friendship are the most important values. Ambition, Respect and Family are also seen as priority values. Happiness isn’t among the core values of youth and occupies one of the last places in the ranking.

Intelligence and Creativity are in the top 10 values for all adolescents, but, paradoxically, Open-mindedness ranks among the last positions. Another principle appreciated by teens is Sincerity. Love ranks higher in the top values of high school students in 11th and 12th grades compared to the younger ones, who rank it on the 7th and 14th place of the 20 values analysed.

We’re curious how teenagers’ top values in 2014 will look like and how the GROW adventure will transform them!