3067. 16. 89. 180. 189.

These are not simple numbers for us, but the results of 2013, an extraordinary year, in which GROW project has broaden and has become more confident and stronger.

GROW has accompanied teenagers during the entire high-school time, bringing something new in their formal education and stimulating them towards personal development, taking into account their values and passions. GROW implies an interactive way of learning, in a relaxing and friendly environment, provided with personalized information for the teenagers’ age and concerns.

In 2013, 3067 students from 16 cities participated in drawing the GROW story, while the 89 international trainers brought color and enthusiasm to the activities of the participants, becoming role models for those teenagers. The program was capably coordinated by 180 volunteers – the project managers and their teams – all of them ensuring that everything went smoothly.

However, beyond this numbers, there were many learning experiences, “Aha!” moments, friendships that formed and smiles that mattered most for all GROW participants. Students became more confident, they found out more about their abilities, making an important step forward towards planning their carrier.

We are grateful that representatives of organizations from Ukraine, Peru, China, Poland have expressed their interest in the GROW project, wishing to find out more about it, in order to implement something similar in their countries. Who knows, maybe in the following years, GROW’s “brothers” will be seen on other continents as well…

School of Values and AIESEC are thankful for your implication! We are grateful for all the special experiences enjoyed together and we welcome all of you in 2014 to GROW together!

About what GROW meant last year, you can read more in the following report: