I don’t know how to begin… To be honest, I don’t like expressing my feelings regarding an event that has just ended, because it makes me realize that it is over and I will never experience that again. However, with The Color Run it’s completely different. The Color Run is the event to which I always come back with more ideas for the next edition and with more positive energy which (I hope) I ooze through all my pores.


The Color Run came as an unexpected surprise, although very pleasant. Being in charge with the GROW stand, I had the big challenge of completely changing the “GROW Wonderland” concept and adapting it to the idea of “Glow in the Dark”. That’s how we came up with “Pets of the night by GROW”, with the help of an amazing crew. Glowing in the dark face painting, a bright and unique photocorner, different fluorescent animal ears (from bunnies , to cats, mice, elephants and giraffes), whistles, bracelets, answers to the questions “What is GROW?” or “How do I sign up for GROW?”, smiles and the best volunteers.

If you ask any participant how they would describe the Color Run experience, most probably, the key words would be happiness, music, friendship , 5km, color. However, for me, it was more than that.

grow-the-color-runThe Color Run meant emotion, because behind our smiles there was hiding the hope that it will be worth all the effort; care for every volunteer, photographer or colleague that constantly worked and without whom we wouldn’t have been able to finish everything; gratefulness towards the participants who devoted a few minutes to enter the “Pets of the night” universe, who loaded themselves with positive energy for the run and who were involved in supporting the national programme of non-formal education for high-school students – GROW.

Last but not least, The Color Run Night meant happiness, because once the huge cloud of fluorescent color rose, a lot of thing were confirmed: I knew that everything went well, that the people care about education and, most important, that beside all the hours spent working and organizing, this event is about friendship and it truly represents the happiest 5k on the planet.