Mexico, Indonesia or Egypt?

How about a short holiday in an exotic country where you can discover new habits and taste some traditional dishes? You don’t need a passport or a ticket! Put in your luggage some curiosity, desire to explore, cheerfulness and come to Globatic to live a GROWzav experience!

globatic 1

What is Globatic?

On short, an event that celebrates multiculturalism and tolerance, organised by the GROW students and the international trainers, who work in teams to apply what they have learned during the sessions. The Globatic destinations are countries from around the world, so you will surely find a place for your taste! Here are just a few: Egypt, China, Japan, Sweden, Greece, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Denmark, France etc.

At the countries’ stands, carefully arranged and animated by teams of GROW high school students, you’ll be introduced to specific traditions, curiosities, costumes, dances, music, goodies and lots of surprises. The result? An effervescent show flavored with multiculturalism, smiles and joy.

globatic 5

globatic 4

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The Globatic festivals take place in all GROW cities and the access is free, so don’t hesitate! Come to enjoy a delicious slice of multiculturalism in GROW style!

Globatic Program

  • Bucharest – Friday, 19th February, AFI Palace Cotroceni, 7 PM
  • Brasov – Saturday, 20th February, Coresi Mall
  • Cluj-Napoca –  Saturday, 20th February, Central, 3rd floor
  • Galati – Saturday, 20th February, University, 2 PM
  • Iasi – Sunday, 21st February, Iulius Mall, 12 PM
  • Pitesti – Sunday, 21st February, Jupiter City Mall
  • Targu-Mures – Saturday, 27th February, Promenada Mall

PS: If you’re curious to see what happens during Globatic, watch the 2-minute video that captures the atmosphere and browse the albums from the previous editions in Pitesti, Suceava and Targu Mures!