Adina Onet, former local GROW coordinator, discovered the joy of motion and this year she ran for Transmaraton and climbed the podium for the half-marathon category. We were overjoyed to hear of her success, so we asked her to relate her experience in the GROW project and to talk about surpassing the limits in the run in Transfagarasan.

“How can we know our limits if we don’t experiment? Running is just a way of trying to know yourself and, for me, it became a lifestyle. I took the “start” with GROW 5 years ago, taking into consideration that I wasn’t “running” alone, but alongside a team of five people. It was a good start to getting to know myself better and to form true friendships for which I am still grateful.


How did I decide to participate in Transmaraton? Registration is the easiest step: you click the link, fill in your name and surname, contact details, the desired distance etc. Afterwards, you try to explain it to your parents that you are going to the mountains for a hike, with sandwiches packed in the rucksack, a cap on the head, lots of water and, by all means, accompanied by a friend they know. The reality is that you have only a 0.5 liter water bottle, ointment and magnesium inside your bag, you will take the start with more than 100 people you’ve never seen before, not even in photographs, the sun will be keeping you company the entire track and above all, you will attempt to finish the 21 km “hike” in less than 2h 30 min.

You see, here comes the “hard” part: sometimes, the mind undertakes challenges that the body cannot face, maybe because we have read many motivational books, hanged out with people who encouraged us, attended several workshops or simply because we enjoy the competitive spirit. In other words, we train our minds, something done quite often nowadays. However, what do we do about our bodies and souls?


From my experience so far, you can never be truly prepared for competitions and this represents for me a challenge to know myself. During these hours of running, the body, the mind and the soul go through some unexpected phases: enthusiasm, gratitude, happiness, anger, weakness, even physical pain (these are the first to come and go). All these happen because the trio I was talking about –body, mind and soul- is fighting each kilometer to pass the finish line, where the loved will be waiting with open arms.

Each one of us has an unlimited number of attempts to discover ourselves, so get ready to take the start and be GROWzav on any occasion!”