For Fernando, our Spanish Erasmus volunteer, GROW was the first experience as a trainer, so he embraced this challenge and made the most of it.

My experience as a GROW trainer was amazing. It’s true that at the beginning it was a bit difficult, as I had to cope with my fear of public speaking. But at the end it’s gratifying, because you realize you can overcome this kind of situations and enjoy the adventure. Meeting the teenagers and the ambassadors has been unforgettable for me.

The things that I have enjoyed the most at the GROW sessions were the moments with the participants; we had a genuine connection.

As a GROW trainer, I have learned to trust myself more, to prepare and deliver a session and to overcome difficult situations that appear during this process.

If GROW was a sweet, it would be a candy apple – it’s delicious and it nourishes yourself at the same time.

I would recommend the GROW project because you can learn about yourself, you can meet people from different countries and learn about their cultures. Therefore, I would say to someone who wants to be a GROW trainer to accept this unique opportunity, they will not regret it!”