It was The Color Run. It was the Color Fun. It came back to Bucharest, with a huge cloud of color, splashing everything around with yellow, red, orange, green… and glitter. The Shine Tour passed through our lovely city, painting it in gold and silver. Actually, we turned into the trophies and the medals of the race.

When I realized that the day of the race was quickly approaching, I became very excited. The night before, I couldn’t sleep too well because I was quite nervous. I couldn’t wait for the morning to come, to go to Constitution Square, where I was finally going to start my duty as a volunteer.


This time, I had the honor to be the coordinator of the Red Color Team, which was going to stay at the Red Gate, the second on the track. Runners were showing up with yellow spots, from the gate before us, and we had to make sure they were going to leave our gate as red as possible. We wanted to “leave our mark” on them.

We had so many surprises! The runners’ enthusiasm, wishing to be colored, all those smiles and laughs which managed to make the day even more colorful than the powder itself. We saw children, grown-ups, teenagers, elders, foreigners who accepted the challenge to run 5 km, who wanted to test themselves and cross their own limits, because not everyone is capable of running such a distance. And, in return, we awarded them with lots of powder!

People who passed through our gate congratulated us, took pictures with us, filmed us, hugged us. Something nice, but unexpected happened. Even though I was entirely covered in color, someone from the previous edition from September 2014 who had been with me at the Green Gate recognized me.

Back at the square, we took pictures with the runners, but this time, they were almost as colored as us, volunteers. We congratulated them for their 5-kilomiter race, wishing them “A colorful day” and hoping we will see them all at the next editions. This was followed by other waves of color, when we “roasted” ourselves in other shades: blue, yellow, pink… We danced on music remixed by djs, we had fun and spent wonderful moments together, making that day one of a kind.

Photo: Bucuresti Optimist

Photo: Bucuresti Optimist

This edition finally came to an end, leaving behind amazing memories to be shared with friends, other volunteers, runners. Even the powder stuck with me, in some places on my skin. But I considered that a reward and the proof of what The Color Run really is: fun, enthusiasm, color. I am definitely looking forward to the next event, hoping for some other great moments and unforgettable memories!

Article written by Roberta