Mara Begu shares with us her feelings and lessons learned as an Ambassador in GROW Games 2k18 – Roman.

“During the past months, while I was a GROW ambassador, I had the opportunity to leave my comfort zone.

I must admit that before I did not know how to organize events or how to work in a team. For these reasons, at the beginning, the experience of being volunteer was uncomfortable, and I was afraid that things would not follow the plan. What helped me in those moments to go over my own fears was the support of the team members. They helped me to realize that there is nothing to fear and that if something goes wrong, we can always find another way. Without them, I think I would have been a complete disaster. They’ve always been there for me and I’m grateful to them. Without them, I think that I would have felt a completely mess. They were always there for me.

Another thing I learned was that I should not be afraid. Before I did not have enough confidence in myself to speak to an audience, so when I had to promote the GROW program in high schools, I was pretty scared at first. Surprisingly, after a few days of promotion, I used to talk without emotion. I gained confidence and I was really happy when the high school students listened to me and understood a bit about what GROW means, why it is different and how it can help. Promoting really helped me more than I thought, because now I can say I’m talking to people without being scared to say a very stupid thing.

But my favorite part of this period were the sessions, when I could help the trainers or the participants. I generally like to help people, and that’s why I think the opportunity to help the participants when they did not understand things or the trainers with the materials has made me feel good. I was extremely happy at the end when the participants said they enjoyed the sessions very much and they were looking forward to the next ones.

I think that for me, the chance to be an ambassador has helped me to GROW more than I expected. I have learned that I do not have to be scared if things do not follow the plan, of the unexpected experiences and that there will be always people who will support you and share your desire to do something different for others and change the world little by little.”