Within GROW, 9th grade students had the opportunity to learn some communication secrets from the BRD experts, in a dynamic workshop that combined theoretical knowledge with games and practical activities. Nonverbal communication made an impression on the high school students through the usability of the information they received.

Let’s learn more about how the workshop was received by the participants:

“This activity with Daniela from BRD has led to a very interesting session. It was very interactive thanks to the games prepared by her and Qima and I was impressed because although I knew I was going to learn many new things I had no idea we would talk about paraverbal language, or body language. Even though I was familiar with some notions, I learned that these impulses can’t be controlled.

I appreciated the openness with which Daniela spoke, she made a good impression. The sponsors’ collaboration in this project by sending a representative is very impressive.”

Horia, student

“Daniela and I communicated properly, albeit the busy schedules. There was also a mutual understanding in our working style and we are able to cooperate well. I was lucky to have a co-trainer with an excellent command of English and a broad experience. She was ready to learn and share ideas.

I think it is good to involve the partners in the sessions, because it helps them to understand more about what the trainers do. We can all benefit from each other’s experience; cultural differences are extremely important. The implementation of activities and games in between the sequence helps a lot, because instead of simply delivering theoretical information, it makes them get involved and brings out the ‘fun side’ of these exercises.

From this experience I learned to be professional, and this is thanks to the people that I worked with. However, I also learned that the fun side of you won’t die down, you simply have fun responsibly. In general, it is a good experience. It’s good to work with people who have the same vision as you. Working together is easy when we share a mutual goal”.

Qima, international trainer