In every city where GROW takes place, we have a local team that implements the project, led by a coordinator (OCP). We are preparing a new GROW edition, so let’s meet the local coordinators! We’ve asked them about their personality, their high school years and how they would change the educational system. Today we present you Bianca.

Bianca - Tirgu MuresThere would be some things about me that not many people know. The first thing that comes to my mind right now is the fact that I want to be the ambassador of Romania in an European country someday. That is my purpose in life for the moment. Secondly, there is a really funny thing about my childhood. When I was about 12 I used to listen to rap and hip-hop music and I used to wear very large and saggy clothes. Then the third detail would be the fact that I played the guitar from the 2nd until the 7th grade. Unfortunately, I was not very drawn to it so I didn’t really perform at a high level.

I currently am in the 11th grade. What is there to say about high-school? It is truly a time of change. I mean, the things that I will remember from this period will be all the activities I involved myself in and changed me completely. I can’t say that I have a rich social life. However, everything I do I really enjoy and since starting 11th grade, I really feel that my life is relevant and the actions I do will help someone, someday.

If I were a country, I guess I would be a country with a rich history. And maybe it may sound patriotic or something but I would choose Romania. I mean, what is there more beautiful than our diverse landscapes, wonderful historical heritages and the pure history behind the people we have today? And I am not talking about politicians or those who just want to see Romania die, but about the ones who realised the huge potential of Romania and the wonders it has to offer. About the ones who are here to change. Besides this, Romania is simply a chaotic diversity in which, despite all opinions, everything has its place and value.

When I think about GROW, I think of a lion. It is my favourite wild animal. Why? Because it is so fearless and majestic. It is the king of all the animals, a powerful leader. But its beauty cannot be left aside either. Its head, powerful legs and posture give me a feeling of freedom. And this is what GROW represents – fearlessness, leadership and freedom.

Since I am part of the educational system, as a student in the 11th grade, I have various ideas on how education here could change. First of all, I would fire all the unqualified teachers, as there are many that simply go in front of the class without knowing what they are doing here, despite their feeling of intelligence. As a second step, I would get rid of useless classes. What students mostly complain about nowadays is the time wasted in school. However, if useless subjects would be disposed, there would be a more efficient way of learning, since the student would have more free time to focus on what is important and leave time wasting or unimportant subjects aside. Third of all, I would change the curricula a little. Maybe not the transmitted knowledge, but the way of presenting the information. The inutility of today’s educational system in Romania can be observed anywhere and at any time. Conclusively, getting rid of the old, useless teaching methods and unprepared teachers would be the major changes I would implement.