Raluca Tomescu, volunteer coordinator at The Color Run Timisoara, shares with us her experience at the GROWzav race of 18 June, a story that starts shy, without explanation or a manual of “how to do it right”, but ends with smiles, new friends and a lot of color.

“My experience at The Color Run began quite funny, I would say. I had many questions and all the information I had consisted in different stories of other participants from Bucharest or Cluj. After a month of intense preparation, after looking for people willing to get involved as volunteers at the event, we entered the last mile: the TROPICOLOR day.

On short: I was totally amazed!

That morning, the day appeared to be full. Full of fun, work and colors.


Together with the other volunteers, we arrived in the Rozelor Park (the heart of Timisoara that day), we welcomed the participants and then we got ready for the start. I stayed at the last gate, the Multicolor one. After the first 5 minutes, I was looking like a rainbow had blown colors over me. I laughed and I colored Timisoara in tropicolorful shades. The race last around 2 hours, and we were excited to see clouds of color. The music, atmosphere, laughter and tropical euphoria were greeting us from everywhere.

You know that uplifting feeling when you see that everything goes according to the original plan? Well, for us it was not like we planned, it was better than that. Everywhere I looked I saw people smiling, dancing and living the Color Run madness.

You may think that only the participants enjoyed the event and that all the rest of the organizing team worked and worked and could not wait to get home. Would you believe me if I tell you that isn’t right?


Everyone did a great job, but that’s not all. In the ecstatic crowd, I recognized the joyful volunteers that stopped to tell me how good they feel, to thank me because I told them about this project and they got involved in this tropical madness or even to ask me if they can also volunteer next year. We all fell in love with this crazy race, sprinkled with colored powder. Timisoara wants color, fun, good music and nice people with whom to share all this again! “

See you next year in Timisoara, with more energy and muuuch more color! Tropical Kisses!