Antonio, from Italy, had a great experience as a GROW trainer: he enjoyed the people he met and he is now more self confident.

My experience in GROW was amazing: the places, the people, the activities. I met a lot of awesome people, ambassadors, LPM and teens. All of them made me feel welcomed, I had the best team I could wish to work with. Each one of the persons I met, even the couple who hosted me and the sponsors, everyone gave me something of him/herself. I got to know a little bit of the story of everyone and I just loved it. I loved the connections we built during this short period of time. The only negative point about it were the mosquitos during the night :)))

GROW was my first time as a trainer with the teaching method that we used. I had some previous experiences: 2 years in Poland in a project called EUROWEEK, that has a lot of common points with GROW, but the teaching method was slightly different so yeah, I used my past experience, but then I had to combined it with this new way of delivering the sessions.

The things that I enjoyed the most, as I said, were the special people I met: the lovely team I worked with, the teens who came to enjoy this edition of GROW, the ones who helped me with accommodation.

What I have learned in GROW

From this experience I learned that there is nothing that I can’t do, that I should trust myself more. 

I realized that with just 5 minutes and a smile I can change someone’s attitude, at least for a while.

I discovered that teamwork is really good but sometimes being alone is cool as well.

I learned that the teens are the future and I want to do anything I can to help them become them the best versions of themselves.

GROW as a sweet

If I had to make GROW a sweet, I would say the classic chocolate bar. Everyone likes it, can be shared with others, makes people happy and gives energy. Definitely, GROW is a chocolate bar!

I would 100% recommend the GROW project!

I can say that is close to a life changing experience. I would recommend GROW for the relationships that can be created and the things that can be learned, like soft skills. If you want to personally grow, if you want help others to grow, if you want to learn a lot about different cultures, if you want to have fun, if you believe in people, I highly recommend GROW as the perfect place where to have one of the best experiences you can have in your life. And when GROW ends, no problem. You can take with you everything you’ve learned to use in anything else you will do in your life.”