Same huge burning light disc in the pale summer sky for the last two days in Saulia, but something new is always happening under the sun at the first edition of GROW Summer Camp.

From tired students arriving after exhausting hours of traveling to bright enthusiastic faces eager to learn, have fun and be involved. From shy ‘hello’s to new friendships to last for a life time. From ‘I am going to be one of your trainer’ like phrases to meaningful conversations about life and future at the end of the day. More than 100 teenagers, thousands of new memories, learning points, new friends, hugs and smiles… oh, and gallons of water thrown at each other during an amazing water fight. These were the first two days of GROW Summer Camp in a nutshell.

grow summer camp 4

Asked about the atmosphere in here, Alex, a participant, said: “I love the sessions taking place in the woods, in the shadow, since the sun is burning so hot. And yeah, the conversations with the trainers are really meaningful, we approach subjects like the ones you think about late at night when you have those kind of reflection moments about life“.

grow summer camp

But fun is also the name of the game here in the camp. Today we cooled a bit by drowning our problems and worries in a huge water fight which everybody seemed to love. Minutes before this, Bianca, a participant and ex-Team Leader of GROW in Tigu-Mures said: “I can’t wait for it to start, I want to see everybody just running around with their soaked clothes and large smiles on”.

grow summer camp 2

Enthusiasm and fun are over the roof and it is only the second day of camp. The transmission ends here, stay tuned for what is up to come in the GROWzav land of Saulia!