…we are very happy to announce  that for this edition of GROW:

  • 31 international students came from Indonesia, China, USA, Brazil, Singapore, Taiwan, Estonia, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Egypt, Cameroon, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and Pakistan to be trainers in the GROW program.
  • 3.500 registered students in the current edition of the project choose non-formal education, innovation and internationalism and decided they want to discover more about themselves, they want a more intense learning experience, different from the one they are used to in schools, they chose to be part of the GROW community.


What’s next?

Between 3rd and 7th of February, depending on each city in particular, takes place the GROW official opening. In the cities where the opening happened earlier than the 7th of February, the first workshops have already begun. That will soon happen in all the rest of the cities involved in the project.


Will there be more editions of GROW?

Yes, in May we’ll begin the registration for the summer edition of GROW for 11th and 12th graders.


Along with you, students in GROW, the parents, to whom we thank for staying close to us, and the teachers, which understood the necessity of this project, we put another brick in the construction of a society based on values.

Good luck to all GROW participants!


If you need more information about the project read our story or check the curriculum for each edition.


For me GROW was, first of all, a whole lot of fun! A place where I’ve met a bunch of good friends and had a break through the banality of daily life. I also learned how to really put something on the move and to organize great events! I saw that if you truely want it, you can make a great team, with people of any races, cultures and personalities ! You Go Grow!
ALEX – GROW participant