What is GrowEdu?

GrowEdu is a values-based education program designed for European high school students who want to be their own mighty heroes and add value to their communities. For those eager to live their lives with authenticity and courage, to explore their potential, and create a confident self.
It’s for those who wish to develop self-leadership skills and dive into a significant multicultural experience.
GrowEdu program offers inspiration, confidence and tools to learn how to be an integrity, rezilient and agile citizen within European society.


What makes GrowEdu a unique educational program?

Practice, Learn, Step Up

The core of GrowEdu is Practice, Learn, Step Up; an efficient educational model in which the participants learn through experiences and team activities, and then apply the acquired skills in some creative projects, with a positive impact in the local communities.


The workshops are delivered in English by international trainers, coached by the Scoala de Valori trainer’s team and other professionals. The participants can enjoy the savor of multiculturalism and explore new cultures without leaving their own hometowns.

Up to date topics

The GrowEdu topics are customized according to the high school student’s needs and interests. Based on a solid training expertise and teenager psychology, the program offers to the teens the ideal context to get ready for LIFE, both professionally and personally.

Long-term approach

GrowEdu accompanies the teenagers throughout the high school period by complementing the formal education system with values-based education workshops and how to put in actions and defend the European values.

The FUN Factor

Thanks to the open and friendly atmosphere, the teens feel encouraged to express themselves and get involved 100% into the activities. The entertaining energizers, exercises and games engage the participants in a natural learning process without perceiving it as boring burden.

Easy Access

GrowEdu is a European project that takes place ONLINE, so teenagers from all over the countries can participate without having to move. The schedule is flexible so the teenagers can choose the program that suits them.

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GrowEdu started in 2010 with a pilot edition in 3 cities, with 7 international trainers, and 228 high school students who applied for the program. In GrowEdu Winter 2017 edition we had 17 cities, 39 trainers, and 2553 applicants! Browse our annual brochures to find out more about our evolution!

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