The euphoria of holidays and New Year resolutions has just passed and we mobilized to set into action our projects delicated to the cool teens. The 15th GROW edition kicked off with the iTTT (International Train The Trainers) conference, held in Predeal, in the middle of January.

We dearly welcomed the 26 young people from 11 countries (Indonesia, Brazil, Cameroon, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Austria, Algeria, Mexico), who came to Romania to become GROWzavi trainers and guide our teenagers into the adventure of development and self-knowledge. They were joined by five Romanian trainers, who will also deliver GROW sessions. The 31 apprentices were initiated into the art of training by the Kung Fu Panda team, formed by facilitators with experience, including former GROW trainers, promoters of educational projects and members of Scoala de Valori.


While the internationals were busy learning tips and tricks for the workshops, the local coordinators worked on planning, event management, crisis management, etc., keeping in touch with their home teams. The 5 days were really full, but when the passion for GROW is involved, nothing can stand in their way!

Joy, enthusiasm and lots of smiles at the iTTT (International Train the Trainers) conference! Enjoy the event’s most GROWzav moments & let the #GROWmagic begin!

Posted by GROW on Monday, January 18, 2016

From the conference, we collected enthusiasm, color and joy, the ingredients that underlie the GROW magic. In addition, we planted valuable information useful to interact and motivate the teenagers to explore their potential. In this edition of iTTT, the international trainers have learned not only to deliver a non-formal education workshop, but also to design training, meaning to develop themselves the activities for the sessions.

Over 2,100 teenagers from nine cities (Braila, Brasov, Bucharest, Iasi, Galati, Craiova, Cluj-Napoca, Pitesti, Targu-Mures) are looking forward to met the 31 trainers. The young GROWzavi were hand-picked from more the 4,000 high school students who applied to the project.


This winter, under the slogan Practice, Learn, Step up, GROW magic will be created and distributed during 10 workshops, in doses of one and a half hour each, so that the young people maintain their high level of energy and curiosity.

The participants will inaugurate a new educational concept, updated and refined for a higher impact:

Gritty Runners Own the World

“Gritty” and “Own” modules, recommended to 9th and 11th graders will take place during the winter edition, while “Runners” and “World” modules will be organized in the summer edition, being designed specifically for 10th and 12th graders.

The “Gritty Runners Own the World” concept came as a natural consequence of the 5 years of GROW, symbolizing the ideas that we want to transmit through this project.

  • Grit, considered one of the keys to success, is based on passion and perseverance, which is why we believe that teenagers should learn to have courage in taking their decisions and actions.
  • Dynamism and energy are specific to teens and we want to support them to be active and Run enthusiastically through their adolescence.
  • If young people know their potential and their strengths, they Own not only themselves, but also their future, a true valuable resource.
  • The World is big and adolescents often feel insignificant, away from the adult world. Supported by the international trainers who came to Romania from countries across the globe, they will discover how to find the way to adulthood without losing their personal style.

For all the Gritty youngsters and all the crazy Runners, we truly hope you have an unforgettable GROWing experience!

Go GROW, go change the world!