Anastasia was a GROW trainer in January 2013 and she liked this experience so much, that she decided to return and stay in Romania for a longer period of time. For about two years, she was a member of our GROW team, working with us for the program’s development. Anastasia is now back in Greece and she sent us some impressions and feelings about her “Romanian adventure”, that we want to share with you. We miss you, Ana! 🙂

anastasia growThere are many children, many teenagers and adults who dream of a story that never ends; they opt for a good plot, some adventure, intense feelings and rich experiences going on forever without a foreseable ending.

A story never ends. There is always a new adventure, but it really depends on the eyes of the narrator to see it and to actually tell it to the others.

This was my gROwin’ story in short: I came to Romania in January, 2013, to be an international gROw trainer. Leaving in March, after lots of crying, I knew there would be a day that I would travel back to these amazing people. And I knew it for sure, as I was already trying to find ways to return.

After having stayed in Greece for one month, there was an opportunity to come back to Romania as a volunteer trainer again, in a different project, in another city. I grabbed this chance; stayed seven months at that time, and then moved to Bucharest to work on gROw.

Details do not matter; gROw and all the Scoala de Valori team, the teenagers, the international trainers, the AIESECers, all the people I have met, left me thrilled. Never, never a bad thing has happened to me in Romania (apart from snow, which I am terribly afraid of as a warm, Mediterranean lady). I met fabulous people in Romania: Chinese guys who were afraid to talk loud in public in the first days of their staying, Pakistanis who had the same Greek temperament like me, Brazilians and Argentinians who were dancing amazingly, Mexicans who always had a joke; strong Ukrainians, cute Estonians, lovely, lovely Turkish people… Above all, sweet Romanians, who always are polite, always want to learn new things, always ask for more information.

I have learned billion things; changed and opened up as a person, growing into a mature professional. I felt that I helped not only myself, but people around me to smile more and more often – I wanted to make others smile, exactly as they did with me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow I am back in Athens, glad to see the Acropolis every day and always imagining I am looking at it with my colleagues from Scoala de Valori.

I never regret staying in Romania for around two years. Now, Romania is my second country and I found out that there is a huge amount of truth in “home is where your heart is”.

Good thing, people say Greeks have a big heart for enough places to fit into it.

Hugs, Romania, si multumesc pentru tot!