We proudly present to you “the backstage” GROWzav people, the ones who are making sure the magic happens, together with their teams: the Local Project Managers (LPM) for GROW 2k17 Winter! We’ve asked them some questions to get to know them better and look what we’ve found out!

Ana Ghinet, Pitesti

#1 If I could see just one thing in my future I think that would be my career. I would love to see how I’ll be in 10 years working on myself, by myself, for myself

#2 If I could live in a movie, probably that will be ‘Fast&Furious‘ because I love adventure and adrenaline… and I think this movie it’s a little bit like my life: always in a rush.

#3 If I have to choose one superpower I think that will be invisibility. I don’t know why, I find it just funny.

#4 I hope in 5 years from now I would say to myself just “Good Job, girl!”. I want to become an independent woman and a successful one, so I have a lot of work to do.

#5 I absolutely can’t live without my friends and my family. They are everything for me and without them I’m nothing.