Are you a student in the 9th grade and you want to meet new people? Do you like having fun and taking part in trainings on different subjects, from personal development to communication skills, from the advantages and disadvantages of being a European citizen to methods of spending your free time? Does the word “sociable” describe you best? Does English language have no secrets for you? If the answer to all the questions above is YES, we are glad to have YOU with us  between February 3rd and April 6th.

 Application submission has started since two weeks ago, but you still have enough time for subscribing. Last year, GROW had an unpredictibly good impact; both we and the students who had participated, were very satisfied with our results. Regarding this year, we are improving the project and fixing all the issues  which didn’t work as we had expected. We are doing this so that you, the teenagers who apply for GROW, can enjoy every single moment during our informal “lessons”. So far, approximately 3700 students have joined our programme.

We have noticed that socializing, learning or improving your English and having fun at the same time are some of the most common reasons that have determined you to apply. The good news is that GROW means a lot more: you will learn new things about yourself, you will be able to express your thoughts, feelings, ideas and, maybe the most important of all, you will become a part of a group which wants to change the future of Romania.

So GROW is coming with quick steps and the only thing missing is YOU!