We wanted to know how was the GROW adventure for the participants in different cities where the project took place this summer. Here are the memories of GROW Games 2k18 from Iulia – Brasov, Denisa – Oradea and Doriana – Slobozia.

Iulia Stanciu, GROW participant in Brasov

My GROW experience was anything but boring. It offered me the opportunity to challenge myself in order to become a more complex person, and also to meet a lot of smart and like-minded people, that I can now call my friends. GROW is also the embodiment of the balance between fun and hard work, and I encourage everyone to become a part of this ever growing community. 

Denisa Cîșlariu, GROW participant in Oradea

Being a participant to GROW for two editions has taught me these two main things: to have more self confidence and to communicate to others. By communicating I include making new friends, learning teamwork and having fun with people that are like me, without knowing them for that long.

GROW is unique, unlike any other project because it’s a very friendly environment and it makes you feel comfortable. Even if you’re shy (like I was in the beginning) you’ll get over it without even realizing it, because the trainers won’t force you to do anything you don’t want, but at the same time they make sure that everyone is included. After GROW, I feel more confident, and more able to speak in public. It helped me get over my social anxiety.

I will definitely recommend GROW to all my friends because it is a safe, fun, and friendly environment and an experience that they won’t get somewhere else. In one sentence: GROW is learning while having fun. I’m looking forward to be an ambassador the next edition. That’s how confident GROW has made me. 

Doriana Gheorghe, GROW participant in Slobozia

GROW is one of the experiences that can change anyone’s point of view. From funny and educational games to questions that make us all wonder about our future, we have learnt a lot, not only about ourselves, but also about the world around us and how can we influence it. Teamwork, leadership, communication, these are the things that we will always need and that we practiced at GROW. For me, GROW is the perfect example of how school should actually be like because at GROW we are not taught something, but we are involved into every activity that can help us grow.